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Friday, November 4th, 2022 7:42 AM

Cancel AT&T Wireless from abroad

Hi all,

From March to September I have been in the US and have used an AT&T Wireless Service. In September I went back home to Europe. When I bought this, the representative told me that to cancel this I should just stop Autopay. Well, I did this but I have been getting invoices. At first I thought maybe I had to ignore those but as they starting including fines for past due payments I decided to pay it anyway. But the service does not seem to be cancelled. How can I properly cancel this?

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11 months ago

If you had signed up for prepaid it would have been that simple. But if you're getting notices with late fees they signed you up for postpaid which should not have happened. 

You have to call to cancel postpaid. If you're no longer have your AT&T SIM card, use Skype or other to call without long distance charges. 


They will want some identifying information like your security pin code in order to cancel your account. 

Please make sure you use prepaid in the future. With AT&T prepaid can use refill cards to avoid using your debit or credit card.   There is no penalty other than the account closing on its own when you stop paying for prepaid service.  Prepaid is also generally much cheaper. 

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