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Wednesday, April 27th, 2022 5:56 PM failing miserably

So I bought a phone from the apple store.  got a SIM from ATT.  I go to /getstarted because "getting started is easy!" according to the card that came with my SIM.

On that website it incorrectly lists my IMEI.  How would it know, I bought the phone from Apple.  There is no way to edit the field to add the correct number.  And when I call the provided help number they are telling me I need to go to a store to activate my phone.  This cannot be right.  How many thousands of new customers are you getting each week?  Are you requiring they all go to a store?  Is this 1997?

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2 years ago

Apparently the Apple employee put in the wrong IMEI or gave you the wrong box, or something like that (I've seen it happen).  So, yes, to correct their error, you'll probably need to physically return to a store. 

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