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Wednesday, September 27th, 2023 11:52 PM


I want JUSTICE!!! You will never get any satisfaction from AT&T. I was a customer with them from 2009 to 2019. They illegally merged my U-verse I had at the time with my cellular and they did it to thousands of other people I saw online. I have researched this in depth! I spent over three months of my life all day long trying to get these illegally merged accounts unmerged because I was routed to the Philippines and I was being sent bill stating that I owed $600! When I called AT&T cellular they said that was untrue and they said they could not “contact“ that U-verse department! They can illegally merge my accounts after they look online and see and admit that the note stated “customer declined offer” after I’m a loyal customer for over 10 years… Yet they cannot contact them and get this done. When is their error??? Finally after three months of my time, and my health suffering, I get a call from the so-called elusive, mysterious AT&T “back room“ stating that they can’t do anything except make me a whole new account! Keep in mind I was grandfathered in Customer for over 10 years! and when I went online as I stated, I saw they had done this to 1,000’s  and thousands and thousands of other customers. There’s a reason for this wake up people.
They do the bait and switch. They also refused to honor a BOGO phone that I had at the time when my daughter was on the plan with me. As a result of all of these unscrupulous business tactics, my health HAS deteriorated! I’ve spent it seems half my life on the phone with them!  This caused me MULTIPLE HEALTH ISSUES and AGGRAVATED MY PRE-Existing ones!!!

 I switched to Verizon in 2019. And the  ONLY REASON ….I stress… Iis bc I was on Wi-Fi calling…so  I decided to try to give AT&T another chance because of my building and the service, so I spent EIGHT hours of my time speaking to FOUR AT&T virtual sales reps who sold me a plan for Florida residents 55+ which included unlimited talk text and data and a hotspot which was sold to me and I have an email to that effect for $50. This is before  any auto pay or paperless billing. However, even after I spent eight hours of my time, SPECIFICALLY so that they could NOT turn around and say I was given “misinformation“ (as I said the last time I was with them for over 10 years do I KNEW) but and when I called the following day, that is PRECISELY what they did!!! They claimed for four of their AT&T sales reps through the virtual app were lying to me!!  

They are Masters of DECEPTION & the old bait and switch. As a result, I’ve had to pay $1000’s $ extra and I’ve spent so many hours on the phone. There is no price tag for what they’ve done to my HEALTH FROM THE STRESS!!!! And my TIME IS WORTHLESS TO THEM!!!! .

I was unable to return an iPad & cancel the plan (which I purchased ONLY  because I was sold that particular affordable plan) because I am on a fixed income, a widow, and on disability.  The reason I was unable to return it is because AT&T iILLEGALLY took $300 from my credit card for my FIRST BILL SUPPOSEDLY (on the 7th day I had the plan!!! Right after I told him that day, I was canceling it and sending it back the following day… this card I used as the down payment on the iPad on the seventh day that I had it whenever I told them that same day I was returning it and canceling the service. I found out because I got a TEXT that evening Thanking me for my payment. Keep in mind I had NEVER set up auto pay or paperless billing. 

I had to stay up all night because I could not reach anyone through AT&T or through chat until 8 o’clock when I spoke to someone in the AT@TMAINTENANCE or support who looked at it and stated oh yes, you are well within the 15 days of returning, you did NOT set up paperless billing, “I have seen them do this to many people and it is just wrong”!. So he refunded it and I had to go with NO sleep to swallow a capsule at my GI DR & use that $ as a copay to look at my small intestine because I was so sick and lost over 30 pounds and I had to use that money as a co-pay, which was almost $300. As a result of not having any sleep and all of it I was unable to return the iPad that day. AT&T LIES about the 14 day period as well because when I did try to return it they tried to say it was past the 14 days. When I only had it for 9 days days  then!   and this is after I had to try to sleep the next day.

Because they go from the actual day u order the plan or device NOT THE DAY  that you actually RECEIVED the device and you actually ACTIVATE IT which could be anywhere from three days to seven days and in my case it was the latter.

THEREFORE as a result of all of these ILLEGAL. IMMORAL, DECEPTIVE  business practices, I was forced to stay on this plan all of this time which everyone who works there kept saying didn’t even exist!!! . Well, I just got off the phone with someone today who said it does exist but it’s not on the AT&T regular website. It’s on their “Second website” I even had to go in to a store during the middle of Covid when I am very vulnerable and show them my ID which they said would FIX  this, but it still didn’t. They LIE so much IT IS unbelievable. then in 2022 I purchased an iPhone 14 so that I could try to sell my other phone which I had transferred over from Verizon (who I was with for two years and wish I stayed with because my whole families with them, and everyone I know because of AT&T and their lies)…  And I specifically told the sales person I wanted the upgrade plan which would be an early upgrade and that’s what I was SOLD. However, when I was going to return that phone because I was so disgusted with all of it, I was told that I was NOT on that plan, but I WOULD be put on that plan because it was still within the TIMEFRAME. NOW THEY SAY NO ONE DID IT, I was LIED TO AGAIN AND AGAIN!!! 

I have called FCC multiple times about these issues and never gotten any type of SATISFACTORY or COMPENSATORY response from AT&T. No type of valid, helpful legal response! I will take this to an attorney because no one in AT&T wants to CORRECT OR COMPENSATE ME FOR THEIR INNUMERABLE DECEPTIVE AND BLATANTLY ILLEGAL ACTIONS!!! No one has attempted to offer anything to near to a JUSTIFIABLE NEGOTIATION OR COMPENSATION FOR ALL OF THE FINANCIAL AND PHYSICAL SUFFERING (NOT TO MENTION MY TIME) THEY HAVE CAUSED ME VIA THEIR ACTIONS AND LIES! 

if they tell you something, do not believe it. If they sell you something, do not believe it. If they say they are taking notes, take my word for it, they are not. If they do have notes, they refuse to read them. As a customer from 2009 from the first time, I can tell you that AT&T has gone downhill so far that it makes me ill just to think about it. I was the only one in my family who would stay with them even when I didn’t even have service when I stayed with my daughter for months and months and could’ve easily switched to Verizon because I was not under contract. But I didn’t. Then they started doing all these unscrupulous things to me and other customers. I can see why Verizon is the top cellular service. They don’t lie. They don’t have “tiers”… they actually care about their customers not the bottom line. Believe me, that is all AT&T cares about. Money they don’t care about you or me. They made that abundantly clear, and they’re the most disorganized company I’ve ever met in my life. As I think I may have stated earlier, the person I spoke to today told me he was only one of 100 retention specialist for all of the AT&T customers. I repeat, he said he’s one of 100 retention specialist that AT&T now employs, but he also does other things as well… AT&T will not put any time or money into helping the customers and making things right (you know the customer comes first and all) NO … As I stated Their one and only INITIATIVE & OBJECTIVE IS THIER $BOTTOM LINE$. 

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9 months ago

If you get no resolution via customer support, you can try a BBB complaint. That sends your grievance to the corporate level. Do keep in mind AT&T's Terms of Service require binding arbitration if you consider any other action.

However claiming they are responsible for your health seems to be beyond the pale.

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9 months ago

Combined billing when you have two services with the same company is not illegal 🤦🏼‍♀️

Billing errors are billing errors. Also not illegal but they should be corrected. But if this is the attitude you went after AT&T with, I doubt they took you very seriously. This post comes off a little "off"...

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