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Thursday, March 16th, 2023 12:59 AM

Account setup incorrectly, Multiple days no solution, No phone

Recently, or maybe not, I honestly have no clue anymore; I bought a phone. This phone was so I can leave a family plan and start my own. So I set up an account, tried ordering a phone and issues began with the payment method I chose. Every single card I tried processed $1 but the order never went through. I went to support and was told that it was strange and just try another day. Bank said nothing was wrong on their end btw. So I try again and had the same issue. Went to a new support agent but this time they were ordering for me. They put it all in and surprisingly one of the attempts worked. The only issue is I had no access to anything and did not find out it worked until I received a letter in the mail. It was about the installation info and expected bills but no phone. Went to support to find out that the account was set to business instead of consumer/personal. I asked if I could switch or cancel it or at least see where the phone was. Note, I haven't been charged yet, but am worried this will be more complicated later down the line. They said they could not switch it and said I would have to contact their business department. When I was sent to someone who said they might be able to help, they asked for a bunch of info blah blah blah, and then said it was not correct for anything. Pin, address, and since I did not receive the phone I couldn't use the number either. So I am sitting here wondering how am I supposed to fix something if the info I gave was not put in correctly? What am I supposed to do if I never got the phone, and why is there no way to switch my account on supports mistakes? Can I fix it if I bring the mail letters in a store? Is it too late to change anything and now they will charge me for their mistakes? I just want some kind of support that knows what to do. I don't want to lose money to what basically is just a scam. If anyone has a suggestion, it would be deeply appreciated. 

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11 months ago

If you don't get a response from ATT help through this forum to cancel the bogus account, file a better Business bureau complaint online. The complaint is forwarded to AT&T upper management someone will contact you directly.

Seriously if you're going to switch service providers , first familiarize yourself with what plans are available and how much they cost. That information is on the website at att.com.  Then take the information needed to take your phone number from one carrier to another (you will need your account number and either your security pin code or a port pin) into a physical store purchase your phone port your phone number and you should be all set.

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