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Tuesday, April 21st, 2020 12:40 PM


1st responder Plan!!!!

Let grocery store employees get the 1st responder Plan Discount. Due to Covid-19 you can see that we're just as important to the world. Also risking our lives everyday to provide you with groceries.

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3 years ago

Not gonna happen. My son works at Stop & Shop in Connecticut. As much as I appreciate what grocery store workers, Truckers, and delivery people are going through, where does the first responder label stop?

Firstnet has extended to doctors and nurses. Firstnet is a government-subsidized network that was built for and is managed by AT&T. Who is included in benefits from firstnet is up to the US, not AT&T.



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3 years ago

That is a great idea but right now it‘s ony for law enforcements, firefighters, and the medical field. I dont know if AT&T will get the clearance to add grocery store employees to the program. Thank you for everything that you do with helping the community through this time.


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