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Monday, October 2nd, 2017 1:22 AM


Apple Watch 3 won’t connect to the ATT cellular network

Can someone anyone from ATT please solve this issue. I’ve sent over 6 hours on the phone with reps trying to solve this issue. I’ve had my watch since Sep 22 and it will not connect to the cellular network! The only reason I purchased the new series was because of the LTE connectivity. If ATT is unable to solve the issue will I be issued a complete refund for the device?

I’m tired of calling ATT just to be placed on hold! I’m currently on hold yet again waiting for a representative... I’m going on 24 minutes since I asked for a supervisor to review my account.



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6 years ago

Thanks. Clarifying the obvious makes you a valuable resource for this forum.



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5 years ago

Finally Resolved for me!

I was having this issue with the series 4, and this thread is the #1 hit. The problem with my account was that the IMEI they had for my *phone* was wrong. It was from my previous Samsung Galaxy Note 8, and AT&T has to update phone features for Apple.  Hope this saves someone else the 3+ hours I've been working with Tech Support.

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