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Friday, July 26th, 2019 7:06 PM

Introducing Fubo TV

Introducing Fubo TV:


As you good people know, AT&T has tossed aside the U-Verse consumer like garbage, dropping numerous channels lately.  Channels that will never be in the U-Verse lineup again!  NFL Network, PAC-12 Network, BeIN Sports, CBS Sports Network, your local CBS affiliate (for many of you).  Well, I’ve got great news.  A streaming sub to Fubo TV can solve the loss of those channels!  All of the are available on Fubo!  Check it out!


Now, I do need to point out that the major drawback of Fubo is no ABC/ESPN, Disney yet.  I’m sure Fubo will add them soon as they are an up and coming service on the rise, unlike U_Verse which is in a sharp decline.  But for now, you can get ESPN and the new ACC Network that U-Verse will never carry through Hulu or PlayStation Vue.  If you have decent money and are willing to pay for the entertainment you crave, you could consider a double sub- Fubo + PlayStation Vue (or Hulu)to replace U-Verse!  

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