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Wednesday, March 18th, 2015 12:08 AM

HBO GO and MAX GO profile

I have an HBO go username and password.  I am attempting to sign into MAX go.


"Your GO profile is shared between HBO GO & Max GO.  Any changes will apply to both services"


When I try to sign into the MAX GO site it takes me to "Complete your MAX GO sign up".


I am being asked to "complete my MAX Go sign up"...not sign in.


When i type in my username (the one shared with HBO go) it gives me this error:

"This MAX GO ID is taken. Please create another."



I cannot get past sign up page and have had NO luck getting any answers.  

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9 years ago

Hi @gopens ,


I am sorry about the issues you are having with your HBO Go & Max Go account, but I will be glad to help. Try to clear your cache and cookies and use a different browser if possible. 


-David T

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