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Saturday, June 25th, 2022 5:13 AM

What is wrong with ATT Customer Service?

These are notes from the latest ordeal with ATT...

ATT June 2022

6.16.22 Columbia, SC STORM. Power outage. ATT modem not working. Troubleshoot (using my phone).

7:41 PM Called ATT 1.800.288.2020 8:48 PM. Customer Service (CS) called back (from 1.855.419.7365) CS named India. 
Ran tests. Front of modem: Power still constant RED, HomePNA GREEN. Said Modem is faulty, even though everything connected to surge protector. Sending new modem. Wifi name and password will not change. (Call dropped, bad cell connection--Storm?)
9:15 PM India called back (from 1.877.714.1509). Told her I had old equipment and have had years of trouble with service in the area and modem had been replaced several times. (Previous reasons given for bad service: DSLAM is too far away, squirrels chewing lines, and lines underground and get wet--cannot find the bad spots on lines.) Told her we were considering changing to another company, or want to negotiate a new 2+ years plan (so we don't have to go through this every year) with new equipment on ATT--5 new set top boxes, 5 new remotes. Our set-top boxes are 10+ years OLD. Phone service has static...will send emails to confirm conversation, and tracking info. (Call dropped)

{Never received a transcript of conversation. Did receive tracking info--saying BGW 210-700 enroute.}

6.18.22 around 9 PM. Login to ATT account--laptop (from another location). Talked to CS chat online. Told them of the situation. I said we got an email confirmation saying a BGW 210-700 was being shipped. (Research BGW 210-700 says it is a wifi modem) My question: Will that modem work with our old boxes...our old boxes are not wifi? Chat did not answer my question. Said they would send a new modem...I said NO, one is already being shipped. Only need to know if my old equipment would work with new modem. Realizing it was a chat bot, I ended the chat.

6.19.22 around 6 PM. Installed new modem (BGW 210-700). Used the ATT Smart Home App to set up. Internet working but no Uverse TV. 
Opened chat on ATTnSmart Home. CS named Dorothy (real person? --seems so). Long chat with troubleshooting. New modem will not work with old set top boxes (IPN330HD). 
Said she would have send new equipment to work with new modem. Sending 5 New Wifi set top boxes, and 5 new remotes. Told her I was interested in re-negotiating a new plan and pricing, or we might change to Spectrum. We are paying for services that we are not getting with ATT, that the first agent should have known that the new modem would not work with our old equipment...and our services are still affected days later! 
She said she would Over-Night the new equipment, and then have CS call me to address billing and plan issues. 
Said she would email a copy of conversation and tracking info. (I also clicked on the button and added my email address to receive a copy of the Chat with Dorothy)
{Never received an email of conversation.} Got an email saying our plan had changed, with new pricing...I had not agreed to any new pricing(?).

6.21.22 Received delivery. Label says ATT 5268AC on box. (Same as old modem we had that is faulty.) Unopened.

6.22.22 1:35 PM Called ATT CS 1.877.714.1509. CS named Jack. Explained the entire situation. Told him that I receive a shipment but NOT OPENED, because tag says 5268 Modem...not the Wifi boxes and remotes that we were expecting. Told him I wanted to make sure that we would get set top boxes that would work with the BGW 210-700, and that our services would not be delayed any longer. Also want a tracking number for new equipment. We are paying for ATT services that we cannot get with the equipment provided by ATT. Told him I wanted an email of this conversation. 
He said he would have to call Tech Support, and would call me back. 

2:48 PM CS rep Jack called back. Said Tech Support Manager said that the new equipment would not be able to be activated until 6.28.22. Also said that I could not negotiate a new price until after 6.28.22. I told him again, that is part of the problem we have not receive new set top boxes...we received an older modem that we did not order. He said OH!, I'll have to call Tech Support back and then I'll call you back. I asked what is being shipped on 6.27.22. He said he could see that the equipment was still enroute, but could not tell what it was, and he would try to expedite the shipment. {Never called back}

6.23.22 {No call back. No email, or confirmation of what was discussed. No tracking number.}

6.24.22 2:13 PM 1.800.288.2020 "Retention" Michelle. They sent BGW210-700, that is for high speed internet and fiber. You have Internet 24--not high speed. Told her our Wifi is better with the BGW210-700. The old 5268 modem would, at times, drop down to less than 2Mbps and would buffer constantly even though we were paying for 24Mbps. She said she cannot see what equipment is being delivered on 6.27.22. She said I don't show fiber in your area, but if the BGW 210-700 works better for you, keep it. Negotiated new Plan/charges. Will have to get Tech support. Tell them you want to keep BGW 210-700, need Wifi receivers that will work with that modem. I asked if she could leave the 6.27.22 shipment in place--that they may be sending wifi boxes. She said not showing wifi boxes available, and that, that order has already been cancelled and she cannot get it back. I would have to talk to Tech Support to get wifi boxes that would work with BGW210-700. Upgrade TV equip through Tech services. Will note the account to give credit since 6.16.22. Call us back once services are established, and we'll credit from 16th--until whenever they get it working. Hold for Tech support. High call volume! Have to leave you on hold. Tell them to read notes when they answer. (Anytime you call in, tell them to pull notes from Michelle on 6.24.22. Order#.... Hold for >>Tech support.

Call Dropped 3:11 PM.

3:12 PM 1.800.288.2020 CS Mia. Not Tech support >>Tech Support. (voice message: Core C, NSP...?) Call Dropped 3:23 PM, "please try your call again".
3:24 PM CS Automated. Tested line. Need to send a Tech...set up time. Will call first. Go to Call ended.
3:33 PM CS. 3:37 PM Retention CS Sebastian. (He kept checking on me while in que) Call Dropped. 3:49 PM Sebastian called back. Sebastian can't get Tech Support either. Have to leave you. >> hold for Tech support.>> 
4:40 PM David Tech support. Old receivers will not work with new BGW 210-700 modem. Will send 5 wifi receivers and 5 remotes. Keep service appointment. Boxes should arrive on or before Wed. No coaxial anymore. Use myAtt app or Smart Home. Return old equipment and faulty modem and newer modem (5268) that was sent by chat bot to UPS or 
FEDEx using accnt number. They will send you a confirmation email to show what you returned. You have 21 days to return all equip...
Ended Call 5:00 PM

6:32 PM {Email saying equipment shipped. VIP1200, IPH8010, ISB7005}


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1 year ago

6.25.22  10:40 AM Email saying No Need to Return Equipment...Recycle!

10: 45 AM Received package containing  VIP1200, IPH8010, ISB7005--with NO Wifi Access Point that it says is required for the ISB7005 to work. Also, NO remotes.

Checked my account. The monthly pricing that Michelle in Retention had given me yesterday has changed. (Account reflects that my bill will be $40/month more than I agreed to.) The difference is in the monthly credits on the equipment.

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1 year ago

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