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Thursday, November 20th, 2014 7:11 PM


Top Secret "Facility Issue" Outage

I placed a online order for Uverse in the end of September during a special promotion. The online promotion went through, credit check and everything, and even being required to give a credit card so AT&T could charge my credit card every month. (Personally, thats fine. When they over charge, I challenge it with my credit company! Smiley LOL )  I immediately conducted an online chat to confirm everything...everything was confirmed....screenshot everything...(CYA)...


Low and behold...4 days later while at work, because I am in law enforcement and don't have my phone on, I had a voicemail....install won't be conducted as scheduled due to a facility issue...So, I immediately call the number back. I don't expect customer no-service to know anything about it. They hardly ever do.


I do my due diligence...I complain, I force them to make notes. I call every day the first week...Then the next...The 3rd week though? Really????? Really AT&T? What is so secretive? Is this how you retain customers? I don't even treat bad guys as a law enforcement officer this disrespectfully!!!! So, I was patient this go-around....despite that you folks (AT&T should've known about this before I placed my order and confirmed online in LIVE chat...I talked to someone during my 3rd week waiting...on October 10 I believe. I have a screen shot I will upload later from my phone just to blast him and shame him a little. AT&T deserves a little shame from this part. I was promised a discount from my first bill for waiting a whole month. He did not follow through nor did he make any notes...fortunately, the Social Media manager that I talked to this week (after blowing up Twitter) helped me SHE deserves some props for calming me down!!!!


So, install comes around after a month. It works for about 25 days....goes dead during the Georgia game November 15. No Uverse....I miss Walking Dead and Sons of Anarchy.....Now THAT crosses a line!!....Thank you "Paul" for trying your darnest to fix it that last were there forever trying to fix switched everything out that you could. You checked everything. Its a Fiber Optic Issue....the same thing that caused it to be a 30 day install delay....the mysterious top secret facility issue....the 7th wonder.....that which must remain unspoken!!!!!


So, how about educating your frontline staff AT&T?!?!?!  Instead of leaving your customers out of the loop sitting in their living rooms in the dark, how about calling them and updating them?!?!?!?  I have been told numerous times I would get phone calls, not just by customer service reps, but by techs and others, and never get called!!!!  Never have I been treated so rudely and disrespectfully!!! By crooks or inmates. That is saying something!!!


We, the victims of your tops secret facility issue deserve a top secret deal is what we deserve!!!!! 

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