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Tue, Jul 12, 2022 4:02 PM

returning tv equipment - inconsistent information

My mother and I both had to cancel the U-verse TV subscription.  During the cancellation process, the agent sternly warned us to return the equipment within 21 days or our account would be charged $150 per box.  In both cases we received an email two days later stating their was no need to return our U-verse equipment, just recycle it. Now, I don't know about anyone else, but if I have an agent firmly telling me return it or face a charge of $150-300 for not returning equipment vs. a polite email (and in my case an additional polite snail-mail letter 10 days after the tv was turned off) telling me not to worry about returning the equipment, I am going to opt for returning it, which we did the day after the tv was turned off.  When returning it through UPS, I was told by the employee to hang onto the receipt "for dear life".  I mentioned that I was schooled by the ATT agent to keep it for 6 months, to which she replied, "NO! keep it longer!  I have had people come back asking for a copy 9 months later."  Really?! You have deadlines for the customers to get that equipment back in or face financial wrath, but there is no deadline as to fining the customer when somehow you lose the equipment in your process?  At this point, I am treating the receipt like taxes, 10 years!  

My point is to make AT&T management aware of a serious business process flaw that is going to hurt your future business.   I hope you will take this note on your forum as serious as you do charging people for the equipment if it is not returned.  I am still a customer, and I still regard your services and support better than average, but this makes me think twice about my future options when my needs change...

Sincerely YMG

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The last thing I was told by an unnamed AT&T employee is that AT&T U-verse TV equipment must still be returned, there is no policy change, and that the recycling notice is a mistake.  

Please take your equipment and your account number to a The UPS Store or FedEx Office to return them, and keep the receipt in a very safe place.

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1.  First off....this is a PUBLIC message board populated by customers like you.  It is not a way to communicate with AT&T.

2.  Uverse is being phased out and no longer being sold.  Yes, equipment had to be returned because it was being reused for new accounts.  Since there are no more new accounts, the policy has changed but I'm with you.  I would be returning the equipment regardless of what CS says.

C.  Yes....hang onto that receipt for all eternity.  We've had customers posting that they've seen collections months & months later for equipment that was, in fact, returned.  I call it CYA.

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