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Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015 6:21 AM

DVR not recording

DVR is not recording any shows whatsoever...

Called Tech Support but they are unable to help because of a personal router...

Here is the setup


ATT Modem Motorola NVG589 (doing DHCP, 192.168.1 segment) > Netgear R7000 (doing DHCP, 10.0.0 segment) > ATT DVR (IP Address = 10.0.0.XX, Default Gateway =


Live TV is working fine but just doesn't wanna record, it records but when I try to play I just get a blank screen...

If I connect the DVR directly to the ATT Modem, then I can record and play just fine...


I am thinking this is a bug/glich in ATT's recording software or whatever it is


Any suggestions?



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9 years ago

@JefferMC wrote:

@prateek.somaiya wrote:

I completely disagree with the solution!!!

I know it's IPTV and it does not take a rocket scientist to figure that out...


Answer my simple question

Why is Live TV working?????????????


Isn't the DVR supposed to record whatever it can play Live??????

If the DVR can play something live, it means that it is receiving the signal, processing it and sending out on the TV (technically HDMI port), can it not record the stream???????

The DVR (or any receiver) will work with live TV for about 10-20 seconds through a router.


Then it will quit working as soon as the unicast stream that is generated at channel change dries up and the Multicast stream that is intended to be used long-term never shows up because the router failed to deliver the request upstream.


Again, incorrect information!

Have you guys tried what you are saying?


When I say Live TV is working fine, I mean it...

Watched ESPN for a while (at least 15-20 mins) also other channels...


All worked okay!

ACE - Expert


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9 years ago

Well, it was only a matter of time before the consumer router market players not only started trying to offer features relevant to IPTV, but actually made them work reliably.  When I have need to insert a router into my infrastructure, I may actually try this.

On the other hand, it's probably just simpler to not have my IPTV flowing through yet another device that may cause delays, dropped packets, etc.





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9 years ago

@GPM75070 wrote:

Here is a link to the discussion topic:



The WAP would not be connected to the private router. The router would replace the use of the provided WAP. Here is a link to the discussion topic:


Scroll down to see the the response from Darknessrise. I do have a 5GHz ASUS Router that can be set up for IGMP snooping and enabling multicast data. Perhaps that is the qualification that needs to be made? Would, as he says, the wireless receiver then work behind a router with these capabilites? The ASUS router was not all that expensive!

What you also need to know is @Darknessrise is no longer a Uverse user, he's on Frontier and that may be different there.  He also has not answered @JefferMC if it has worked that way. Smiley Surprised



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9 years ago


There's no difference between how FrontierTV works compared to AT&T U-verse. It should work on both companies.


I answered JefferMC now, I didn't know that he responded to me :). I saw your @ notification this morning.


More Info:

When I was on AT&T, I tried this before and it didn't work. However, it was because I had it in router mode, not access point mode. While in router mode, I enabled all of the IPTV settings and the streams were working, but they couldn't connect to the DVR(because of the setup). Once it was put into acccess point mode and they were all on the same LAN, it worked.


You need a decently feature and performance rich router for this to work well.

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