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Sunday, April 8th, 2018 9:20 PM

Worst Customer Service Experience Of My Life...TWICE

My experience with ATT's customer service has the been the worst I've had in my life. If there was some way to get this information to the masses I would do whatever it took. I would shout it from every rooftop if I knew I could save even one poor soul from the agony and frustration that is the ATT customer service experience. However, the massive company can keep honest people looking for a new service provider in the dark by paying to populate all google search results with their deals and promotions. These frustrations are buried deep in the forums that the company requires people to sign-up for in order to get answers (which it seems they never get), this leads me to believe there are far more having these issues than we can see here.
The futility of the circular conversations that happen with agent after agent is a version of he** that I wouldn’t put my worst enemy through. You have successfully created a system that get's people to stop calling your call centers, not by solving their problems but by wearing them out and leaving them feeling dejected and impotent.
My particular issue stemmed from one of your salespeople telling me that you’d be able to provide me with comparable internet speeds to my current internet and TV provider. I was actually told that you could beat the 300mbps internet speeds that I had because you offered fiber in my area. This is what convinced me to change providers and sign a 2-year contract with ATT for bundled TV and Internet services. After having three separate technicians show up to my home over the course of two weeks, one week without internet (I operate a small business from my home so this was a huge issue), and 30+ hours of customer service calls I was able to speak with an honest ATT representative. I somehow got a hold of him after having my issue elevated to several levels of “managers” overseas, after a long conversation and series of long holds he told me that the fiber line in my area wouldn’t be operation for over 6 months. Even though a technician came to my home an installed a receiver to the outside of my home and ran a line to the junction box.
Long story short, I was very upset and had wasted a lot of valuable time. ATT would not honor our original agreement and would not allow me to cancel my TV service because that contract is technically with Direct TV and they are only affiliated through these bundle deals. So at this point I canceled the ATT internet service and had to call Spectrum back up, who I had just cancelled service with weeks before to have adequate internet speeds. I’m paying ATT for television and spectrum for internet. It’s much more expensive than I'd like to pay, but it works.
This month I received a bill from ATT for a basic television package that was $170, it had been running me around $60 up until this point. With the promotion I had originally signed up for, TV was supposed to cost $40 over the course of the 2-year agreement. We decided to add on HBO for $20 which is what brought it up to $60. I begrudgingly called up ATT customer service to figure out what was going on and they told me the increase in price occurred because the promotional rate only applied to bundled packages with 2 or more ATT services. ARE YOU KIDDING ME! I lost it at this point and asked to speak with a manger to resolve this issue. I am still waiting on an answer and nothing has been resolved.
I am honestly astonished that ATT is still in business with the subhuman treatment that they provide their customers.

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6 years ago

Good afternoon @WhyMe_89.

I see you’ve posted this issue on another topic.  I have messaged you there and will continue to assist you.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please reach back out to us at your earliest convenience.  I hope to hear back from you!

Alex, AT&T Community Specialist

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