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Wed, Jun 22, 2022 3:26 AM

U-Verse Retention Discounts

Despite AT&T U-verse no longer being offered to new customers, existing customers can request discounts through the AT&T U-verse Retention Department.  I do this each year but the problem is 1) the Retention Department refuse to offer any discounts until my existing subscription is within a day or two of expiring and 2) once you do agree on a specific discount you can almost be assured the discount you were offered will not reflect accurately on your new bill.  Trying to get the new bill/discounts to reflect correctly on your bill is virtually impossible and you are basically stuck paying for something you did not agree to for another 12 months.

If you do not agree to a new discounted subscription, you have virtually no time to find another provider before AT&T slaps you with a new inflated bill for at least one month because all of your discounts expired.  I think the timing is intentional.

AT&T U-verse rep will generally tell you new discounts are being offered daily/weekly/monthly but strangely are never available until your current discounts are about to expire.

I do not think there are ever any valid discounts being offered.  The reps will generally bait you into paying a few dollars more to continue with U-verse or give you no discounts and leave you to search for a new provider.  The reps will never direct you to a page where you can see the discounts being offered to existing U-verse customer.  I think they make it up as they go along.

I’ve had U-verse since 2007 and I am ready to cut-the-cord this year if I cannot reduce my U-verse bill (TV U300 + Internet) by 10 – 15%.  All you need to cut-the-cord is an internet connection and a smart TV.  If the TV is dumb, make it smart with a Fire Stick or similar device.

U-verse is no better than YouTube TV, Fubo, Direct Stream TV and many others.  Plus, you don’t need all these U-verse boxes.

If AT&T U-verse wants to keep you as a customer they should make the discounts worth staying for!




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They don’t want to keep you as a uverse customer they want you to convert to streaming. Retention can’t offer you a discount that isn’t there. They look on the computer if there’s nothing there to apply then they can’t do anything. They can’t make up a discount. 


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U-verse is no better than YouTube TV, Fubo, Direct Stream TV and many others. 

I beg to differ.  U-verse's private multicast IP network is a lot more predicable/reliable than unicast streams over the public Internet.  U-verse also offers RSNs not available on most of the over-the-top streaming providers.

That's not to say that streaming providers wouldn't be better for some people based on what they watch and their tolerance for buffering/user experience/etc.

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