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Monday, May 23rd, 2016 2:23 PM

Upgrading U-verse internet from Elite to Max: Will I need new hardware?

I have Eltie (<6Mbps) and I want to upgrade to Max (<12Mbps). The problem is I want to know for sure if I have to pay for new hardware. Currently I have the 3600HGV 2Wire Gateway.


I used the chat freature and I tried asking the representative if I would need new hardware to upgrade my intenet speed. Her answer: place the order and you will find out. If I do need new hardware it could be $99 for installation and $7 a month. Those hidden fees are unacceptable!




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8 years ago

@hernandorico   Are you on old ASDL (protocal G.992.1/2)  or ADSL 2+ (protocal G.992.3/4/5)?


Old ADSL usually only went up to 6M.  Does your account say you can go up to 12M Internet?  Forget chat, you saw kind of help you get. 😉



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