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Tuesday, August 8th, 2023 2:55 PM

Costs have risen each month for the past 6 months

Are you able to get any help with the rising costs?  Our income is fixed, and we need help.  I would like to get rid of some of the channels, and keep some, but they don't seem to want to assemble them to our desires.  It's all or nothing.  

ACE - New Member


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4 months ago

The best way to save money is to look into streaming if you can.  The price can be considerably cheaper depending on the channels that you have to have.  If you are looking for a cheap alternative to paid tv is Pluto TV it is free and you get a lot of live channels to choose from.  As far as your cost increasing it has been increasing for everyone no matter the provider but it is unusual to have it go up every month though unless you had stuff added to your account or you had discounts that are coming to an end. 

Former Employee


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4 months ago

Getting rid of channels means changing to a different lower package….

DirecTv satellite has (6) packages

DirecTv Streaming has (4) packages

Uverse IPTV has (5) packages

Depending what you want determines which package will work…

of course an antenna for local channels only is a non internet choice, all other choices would be some form of streaming except for local cable company.


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