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Saturday, July 19th, 2014 2:36 PM


I live in an older neighborhood in Cumming, Georgia.  I attempted to get U-Verse, but after spending almost 20 hours with techs in my home; techs on the phone; customer service reps attempting to sell me U-Verse at least 7 additional times; and living without my internet service that ATT disconnected to connect me to U-Verse and then advised me I must have a problem with my server I can no longer remain quiet about their false advertising.


Today I received once again an e-mail notice on how my home could be, and get this "Watching the Best Entertainment On-line?" all I need is U-Verse.  So for kicks and grins I decided to check to see if my neighborhood was still listed, guess what it was!!! 


Here is the deal...

If you plug in your address or contact ATT direct, they will tell you yes your area has U-Verse availability.  However, what the Customer Service folks do not know is if the service is good, bad or just plain ugly.


In my neighborhood there is a huge issue with the guage of the wiring.  There is the wiring going back to 1955, wiring from the late 60's, and even more wiring from 2002.  This is the problem.  I have five neighbors not including myself who have also attempted to get U-Verse, all have had the same type of problems.  One of my neighbors was so dissatisfied, they disconnected everything, and left it on the street for ATT to pick up.


I have a CASE NO:  12********, and Elisha, the CRS claims she has talked to the Tech Folks and U-Verse will work.  Yet only 3 days ago, I saw the tech who had explained to me originally why it would never work, and he advised it still will not work until ATT runs all new wire. 


When Elisha had told me that it would work, I asked her if she would bet her annual salary against mine that it would work, she declined to take my bet!!!  Wonder why?


I have sent an invoice to their corporate office on 3 different ocassions to 3 different people for all of the time I have spent and wasted.  I have never gotten a reply! 


What is even worse is when I was having the issues with U-Verse and attempting to get back my internet service and getting the run around, I spoke to 3 different CSR's who all gave me bogus e-mail addresses to send in my concerns over ATT's service!  Pretty clever, since it got me off the phone and out of their hair.




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10 years ago

There is absolutely no way for sales or tech to know whether you get 4, 3, or 2 HD service or no service at all until the tech comes and checks at the NID.


The problem arises since they know where the VRAD is, they have to estimate distance from the crossbox/VRAD without knowing exactly where the crossbox/VRAD fell in your original line length.

So they estimate who can get Uverse by this and many get the 32M profile, some get the 25M profile, some get pair bonded service, some can't get any Uverse and others who were not estimated are found that they can get Uverse.  😉




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10 years ago

If anyone reads the ATT answer they have sent me, you will probably be laughing and wondering who the heck writes such nonsense!


It is a typical ATT non-answer answer! 


Chris cannot defend the actions ATT is doing because he knows what they are doing is FALSE!


It has been said, "All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing," poor Chris cannot really say or admit that ATT is wrong regarding their advertising because that is who writes his paycheck.


What is even stranger than fiction, is in the notice I received, it states, "Click here to view the reply and mark one as an Accepted Solution," isn't interesting that it does not give an option stating it is not an acceptable solution. 


Back to original question, Why does ATT promote false advertising?




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10 years ago

1) Chris is not an AT&T employee,

2) Chris has given you correct information,

3) Posts marked Accepted Solutions are easier to find in search results and are made available in other forms.  Posts not marked as such are not, and thus the absense of any such mark should be construed as them being unaccepted solutions.


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