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Wednesday, September 28th, 2022 12:28 AM

Ported phone to att from verizon it erased my text message app and wont let me add any apps to home screen

I went to AT&T to port my verizion note 8 after porting it eraced my text messaging app so i try to add to home screen ..and it wont let me add any apps to homescreen 

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1 year ago

Hello @Donibee, we are here to help you with your text messaging app and adding apps to your home screen.


Was the text messaging app a Verizon app? This will help us get a better understanding on if this was an AT&T message app or Verizon. 


ADD AN APP TO THE HOME SCREEN: Swipe up or down to access the Apps tray. Select and drag the desired app to the top of the screen, then to the desired location on the home screen.


Review our article to Learn & Customize the Home Screen for your Samsung Galaxy Note 8.


Check out our article for step-by-step instructions on App Troubleshooting.


Mellira, AT&T Community Specialist


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1 year ago

Your Note 8 would have been the unlocked USA Universal model, perhaps purchased at Best Buy. This Universal model boots with the boot screen of whichever one of the four major carriers SIM card that is inserted. It sounds like Verizon was your first carrier. When you insert the Verizon SIM card it installed Verizon dedicated applications on your phone. When you switch service providers and inserted an AT&T SIM card it hid all of those Verizon applications and revealed all of the AT&T applications.   The same would happen if you went to Sprint or T-Mobile.

If you were using Verizon Messages Plus, it actually will work on AT&T you just have to drag it to the home screen. 


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