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Monday, September 25th, 2023 3:11 PM

Trouble unlocking phone

Trying to carrier unlock a s22+. The buddy I purchased it from upgraded through att and sold me s22+. It's been over 30 days since he upgraded. Unlock request not going through because it says installment plan not paid off. Other IMEI says it's still active on another account. He says the s22+ is not on his account anymore. 

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2 months ago

Hey there! We understand your concern, so let's get you the help you need.


Since the device has not been paid off, and subsequently is still locked, your friend will have to get the device unlocked. The device will still be on his account since the device was purchased through the account and hasn't been paid off. 

Please ask your friend to pay off the device, and then transfer it to you. Unless that is done, the device cannot be unlocked. 


Hope this information helped, and thank you for visiting AT&T Community Forums.

Do reach out if you have any concerns or questions for us in the future!


MikeN, AT&T Community Specialist.


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2 months ago

@Zbrenjob You may have your buddy submit the unlock request.  It would have been easier if buddy had submitted the request before selling it to you.

How did buddy upgrade?  Through ATT (which would have required the phone be paid off), or through another source, in which case buddy apparently didn't pay off the phone so he could continue to receive installments.

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