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The Samsung Galaxy S23
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Friday, March 27th, 2015 1:08 PM

Recent Update

I had a message that AT&T had systems update. Am unsure if it was just for the Galaxy Note 4 but went ahead and updated. I am not happy with this update. I cannot change to color scheme so I stare at this not so great orange color. I have also noticed that a play store app game is not running smoothly since the update. Very frustrating. I tried to Uninstall game then I reinstalled and it still isn't working correctly. Thinking it might be the game I tried it on another device. It works wonderfully. The problems I am having must be dealing with my AT&T update. Please fix.

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9 years ago


Thanks for reaching out to us. The color scheme was a Lollipop aesthetic change, it is not a configurable option. Some apps have not been updated to be fully configurable with Lollipop, we suggest making sure it's updated and if not, reaching out to the developer for more information. Try going to Settings>Applications>Application manager>All then press Settings>Reset app preferences and tell us if this helps.

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Samsung Support ^Kov

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