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Friday, September 29th, 2023 8:38 AM

Old phone number still active

I received an email today saying that my Google ID is no longer associated with an old phone number that I had when I was on my girlfriend's plan which I haven't used in over a year and it says now  my Google ID is  associated with this new number which is my son's new phone number why would my girlfriend keep that old phone line active this whole time is she spying on me through through that getting into my Google account? In fact I'm not even an AT&t customer on her plan any longer I have my own plan with a different carrier.

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2 months ago

Your Google account has a password on it right? A password that you could have changed. A Google account should also be two step authenticated.  

Doesn't mean your ex-girlfriend was using the number for a phone with your credentials on it. She could have reassigned it to a tablet or a smartwatch or a different phone for someone that she's dating now that she's not dating you

You are responsible for doing a Google security checkup on a regular basis to make sure that any phones you no longer own are no longer associated with your accounts

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