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Monday, October 31st, 2016 11:43 PM

Galaxy S7 Active Text Issues

Ever since I got my new S7 Active a month ago, I've been having numerous issues with texting.

1. I can't download pictures from others about 25% of the time ("failed to retrieve")

2. Others can't download photos from me about 50% of the time

3. When in group messaging, other group members can only see my original message and replies from other members. None of my replies will download for them.

4. I frequently will not receive text messages from other users for long periods. I'm most often made aware of this by my husband who ises both an iphone 6 for work and an S7 Active for his personal phone, both with AT&T service. Rebooting does not make messages retrieve.


None of these issues seem to be affected more by any particular platform. I communicate regularly with both android and iphone users (can't say I have any friends on windows devices anymore).


I tried using the AT&T web messenger as a stop gap measure but that system has its own issues that aren't much better.


Any suggestions?

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8 years ago

Hi @babyblue75!


Messaging issues can surely be frustrating, especially if it’s your primary method of communication! I know that I text way more than I talk or email, so if I were in your shoes, I’d definitely be doing exactly what you are now! Thanks so much for bringing this to my attention and I’ll be happy to help!


From what you’ve told me so far, it sounds like many of the messages you’re having issues with all involve data to some extent. Group messaging, picture messages, and texts longer than 160 characters all involve needing a solid connection to the internet in order to send or receive properly. Something I would love for you to try in order to get a resolution going here is to double check and make sure your data settings are on. Settings > Data Usage > Mobile Data.


Another good option to take is a trip through our AT&T Troubleshoot and Resolve tool! This super helpful site will take you on a journey to resolution by providing a TON of steps you can use to guide you towards fixing that messaging problem.


Last, but certainly not least, I’d love it if you could test out your messaging with Advanced Messaging turned off. To turn off Advanced Messaging, you’ll want to open your Messages app, then tap on More in the upper right corner. Make sure you don’t have a text message thread open though, otherwise you won’t find the Settings option you’re looking for under More. Under Settings, you’ll tap Advanced Messaging, then make sure the slider is set to Off.


Please let me know if you have any other questions that I can help out with! I will be more than glad to do so. Thanks so much for your question and have a great day!


Bradilynn, AT&T Community Specialist



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8 years ago

Yes, let's turn off the one feature that makes it worth while having AT&T messaging and if that fixes the problem leave it off.  Fix the network so it passes texts more reliably and quit giving customers the run around.




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7 years ago

Hello, im having an issue with my galaxy s7 active. my time stamp error is wrong. when i send a message, the time is correct, but when receiving, its wrong and that makes me scroll and search for the message. i tried disabling and enabling my automatic time zone, but didnt work. i also deleted all message caches and data and its still not working. can u please help me as its becoming frustrating. thanks

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