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Wednesday, May 24th, 2023 10:07 PM

Failed to unlock my Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

I used to own a ATT Galaxy Z Fold3 and ATT unlock it. I sent it back to Samsung for repair last year, they could not repair it so exchanged another Galaxy Z fold3 for me, but this one is not unlocked, I didn't realize this until recently i switched to another carrier.

Now I want to get this one unlocked, I tried the ATT device unlock self service portal, but my request got denied because of inputting the IMEI too many times? (What does it mean?). Can someone from ATT help me on this? Thanks.

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4 months ago

Contact AT&T, explain you are trying to unlock a warranty replacement from Samsung, and have them correct the IMEI in the system. The IMEI you're trying to unlock may be connected with a previous owner, and They may have requested the phone be unlocked unsuccessfully in the past.

This may even require an FCC complaint to get AT&T to acquire the MCK code.  And even then if the internals on this device have been replaced the IMEI may not match the unlock code, it may not be possible to unlock it. If that happens you'll have to take it up with Samsung because they're the ones that repaired or replaced the device you currently own

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4 months ago

Hello @dbi, this is not the experience we want you to have, we're here to help get your device unlocked.


Please check to make sure all unlock eligibility requirements are met when submitting your request.


Please wait for the status to cancel out before resubmitting a new request. At this time there is no way to speed up the timing out process.


If there are too many unlock request attempts while the original is still pending, the process may extend up to 30 days.


Let us know if these steps help, if you have any other questions reach back out for assistance. 


Diajhanae, AT&T Community Specialist

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