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The Samsung Galaxy S23

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Sunday, August 8th, 2021 7:03 PM

European phone can't register to AT&T: Error GA205


my son arrived in the US last Thursday and he wants to activate an AT&T prepaid SIM card.

He get's a text message with error code GA205, stating in the text "the phone you recently tried to activate won't work"

He went to the store again today and when he was in the store, the shop assistant was able to call him on his US number.

But once he was back in his room, he again got the same text message.

What can be wrong?

The phone is a (european) Samsung Galaxy S8

Thanks in advance.



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1 year ago

Hi @lumat 

Thank you. Fortunately, she find some friend that help with their own phones. Now she needs to find a T-mobile pre-paid card and hope that will work.

Hereafter link of mobiles w/o roaming from France to USA with free french operator :


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