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Tuesday, December 7th, 2021 1:22 PM

Cell Tower Issue 77586

I have tried for 6 weeks to get AT&T to send out a technician in my area to CONFIRM the 5G is not working in my area. 6weeks ago, everyone at my work, and those at the business next door, who have AT&T, have lost 5G service. There are 30+ people who are having the same issue, and the techs still want to try and reset our phones, take the SIM card out, and everything else under the sun but SEND OUT A TECHNICIAN! AT&T keeps telling me, and other folks there is nothing wrong with the tower they just finished upgrading. Well, if they would SEND OUT A TECHNICIAN, they would see that there IS A PROBLEM! This is so frustrating because we just switched to AT&T a year ago and have great service everywhere else, including here. Now, as of 6 weeks ago, my phone is useless except to make calls and send TEXT ONLY messages (cannot send a picture in text messages). So, just a suggestion there AT&T, how about you SEND OUT A TECHNICIAN and FIX THIS ISSUE before 30+ people switch to another carrier, including our business account!

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2 years ago

Let's look into your experience, @Letsgo1986!


I'm sending you a Direct Message (DM) which you can access at the upper right corner of the Forums page. The DM looks like a speech bubble with a pair of vertical lines in it. Simply click that icon to open it and reply to the message in the DM so that I may provide support.


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