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Wednesday, February 1st, 2023 11:09 AM

Can you use a Cricket SIM card for a Samsung SGH-A687

I have a Samsung SGH-A687 that is locked into AT&T and I don't use the phone anymore. I have a friend that want to trade a phone with me but they still want to use the number they have on there sim card. The thing is that phone is from Cricket which is a company that is owned by AT&T. Can that SIM card from Cricket be used for the phone Samsung SGH-A687 from AT&T without this phone being unlocked since Cricket and AT&T are basically the same company. I want to know cuz I really don't to unlock the Samsung SGH-A687 phone cuz it cost 49.95 plus tax. So if I can get an answer it would help so much and be very appreciated.

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10 months ago

AT&t locked phones will work with a cricket SIM or with a SIM card from another AT&t MVNO. The reverse is not true. In other words, if you buy a phone from cricket that is carrier locked. It has to be unlocked before it will work on AT&t or any other MVNO

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10 months ago

it doesnt cost anything to unlock the phone

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