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Sunday, August 27th, 2023 5:20 PM

When did the $50/8GB prepaid plan go away? How does one justify not informing paying customers they are overpaying just to get less???

   I've been using the $50 plan for several years.  I can't find any solid date for when you stopped offering this plan, but I do know that AT&T deliberately withheld this information from me.  When I created my account and chose my plan, the 30 and 40 dollar plans did not exist, at least not even remotely like they do now.  If they had I would have been using the $30 plan all this time. 

   Offering a better plan for less money and not telling me about it (for a year at least) is literally picking my pockets while distracting me.  I almost ALWAYS struggle to pay my phone bill, and I usually end up having to eat less for a week because I simply need it.   So how do you think I felt when I logged into my account for the first time in ages and while casually browsing clicked on the Plans link??   Not only is the $40 plan cheaper, but it offers twice the data as the $50 plan Ive been paying all these years.... 
   ANY HONEST BUSINESS would have automatically changed my plan to the cheaper one, or at the very least made it absolutely clear to me what my options were, because to not do so would be incredibly immoral, to put it as nicely as humanly possible.   You could have sent a system level notification to my phone saying, "we've made some changes, and you need to pick a new policy".  You could have alerted me every time I added money on this plan via text message.   You were already sending 3-5 texts a month regarding payment status, why not inform your long-time customers that they can save a few dollars (which they surely could put to much better use than a giant corpo)?

This sort of thing has happened before with smaller businesses and they ALWAYS inform their subscribers when something like this happens, because they respect and care about their customers.   Yet month after month after month you chose to look the other way...  How many other people is this happening to right now, I wonder...

The only possible way I would consider continuing to use this service is if: this post remains up and untouched, I receive a written apology that DOES NOT blame "human error" or a "glitch", and every cent that was picked from literally my hungry mouth, is repaid in full.   


Given their track record I'm not going to hold my breath. 

I'll probably be punished for my years of overpaying.   

I am not a litigious (Edited per community guidelines) or a swindler or anything resembling that.  This is the first time anything like this has happened to me.   I am an honest guy and I work my butt off repairing anything wooden, giving more life to old places and things.   The reason this is such a big deal to me is because I work so hard and I 100% do not believe in stealing or scamming or lying.   Those are fundamental to who I am.  I'm not just here blowing off steam, and I'm not making childish threats or anything like that, but if this isn't made right, I am morally obligated to do a lot more talking.  And not because I want to.  These little things add up and make life for a lot of people so much harder.  The internet eats this stuff up because everyone can relate to being penny pinched by an entity with no mind of its own, and which is practically immune to accountability...

(Probably is not useful to rant here about having random portions of my money mysteriously vanish from my account on several occasions within a week or two of it being put in.  Or the fact that I got charged extra last month for no reason at all (claimed my money was not in account but I can prove that it was, well in advance))

Screenshots are powerful things, my friends.

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3 months ago


Dude you just pinned everyone's 'entitled' meter into the red zone.

It's up to you to check every once in awhile to see if there's a better price, or a more suitable plan for you. It's not anyone else's job.

AT&t's website has prices and plans published. The website is available everyday, all day.

You can also log into your account and select the change plan option and choose a different plan that's cheaper and offers more data.

Your account has only 6 months worth of records as to how much was paid/refilled and when. You can log into your account and print that information. If it does not seem correct you can take it up with AT&T

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3 months ago

I receive a written apology that DOES NOT blame "human error" or a "glitch", and every cent that was picked from literally my hungry mouth, is repaid in full.   

Yeah….that’s not going to happen.  🙄

PREPAID wireless service is self-managed.  That’s why is cheaper than post paid.  🤷‍♀️

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3 months ago

And prepaid doesn’t refund. 

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