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Monday, September 18th, 2023 8:32 PM

Unable to move from prepaid to postpaid


Me and my wife are on a shared att prepaid plan, and we want to move to a post paid plan to take advantage of the phone deals. We visited a corporate store and after trying for 45 minutes to transfer our numbers, they couldn't get past some error in the system. We aren't moving states or anything so there shouldn't be a reason for it to not work, but according to who we talked to postpaid number teamsfers only work about half the time?

Has anyone had experience moving from prepaid to postpaid like this? It seems like they should make it easy but I have no idea how to seek help since the store can't do anything about their system not working. My only thought is to try transferring to another carrier and then back?

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6 days ago

Did they by any chance use the term cross market to describe the reason they could not migrate your phone numbers?

If the area code for your phone numbers is not the same one you are living in, this does cause a problem.  It's ridiculous that AT&T is not figured out how to manage this because a lot of people move around and keep their cell phone numbers.

So you have two options:

If it's not that far away, you could travel to the area code that matches your phone numbers and do the migration there

The alternate method is to port your numbers out, probably something like cricket would be your best bet, or consumer cellular. Both cricket and consumer cellular use AT&T SIM cards and your current phones would work with them just fine.

    Then you port back to AT&T postpaid.  Purchasing new phones as part of your port in

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