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Tuesday, September 27th, 2022 4:00 PM

Switch to AT&T


        I hope you are doing good. My name is Dhyanesh Babu KAMINENI. I am an International Student in one of the reputed colleges in Pittsburgh. I am using Lyca mobile now and would like to switch to AT&T. I am aware of the plans in AT&T and is looking for only one line. I would like to know more about the offers that are applicable to new customers who will switch to AT&T from another network. Hope I gave you required information that I wish to know. Suggestions are acceptable. Looking to forward to hearing from you. Contact me on [email scrubbed] for further details.


Dhyanesh Babu KAMINENI.

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1 year ago

You cannot switch your number from Lyca to the USA.  The number systems are different.  You will have to get a US number which will be a sign when the SIM card is activated. 

The only offers for new customers are through AT&T prepaid. Both phones and plans.

There are no postpaid offers that don't also apply to existing customers. 

A postpaid customer would have to pass a credit check, as a college student from another country, it's unlikely you have the ability to pass a credit check


Best option, go to Walmart and sign up for AT&T unlimited Max plan, auto pay is $50 a month plus minimal taxes. You can also purchase a phone at a discount when you buy that plan.

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1 year ago

All plans and deals are posted online 

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1 year ago

I'm moving this thread to the Wireless forum.

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