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Wednesday, October 9th, 2019 5:24 PM

At&t Is A Crooked Company and I'm Glad To Leave It Forever

I switched from the 50 dollar 8gb plan to the 65 dollar unlimited plan.  Keep in mind, the unlimited plan cost more.  Looking at the info given to you under the plan, it clearly said "No hotspot allowed"...   That's it...just the hotspot.  So I was like ok, I can live without the hotspot because I don't really need to connect other devices to it wirelessly.  I planned on using tethering instead, which makes your phone act like a modem for your laptop or desktop.


I made the plan switch and started tethering....  I was tethering for one whole day, into the next morning and that's when at&t revealed the  gimmick they had implemented.  They cut off my tethering!  I was already mad as hades but what made it even worst, some Asian rep tried to play on my intelligence by saying Hotspot and Tethering are the same because you connected a device to the phone.   


Hotspot and Tethering are NOT the same!  A Hotspot is a wireless point setup to allow multiple devices to use internet from it as individual devices each.  Tethering is using your phone as a modem to add a larger screen, keyboard and's still one device (your phone) using the internet.  It does not allow other device to connect to it because it's not a wireless hotspot when in tethering mode!!!!!!


All the Rep could do was stick with the "bull" she was told to say...  "It's the same because you connected a device."  That's like saying a Man and a Woman are the same because both of their private parts are made with the same material while in the womb (which is fact)......   ?????


Absolutely ridiculous, pure hearted, crooks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What at&t wants is for me to pay them 65 bucks a month and can only access internet through my phone's smaller screen.  Who in the hades uses internet on their phone 100% of the time!?  The only thing tethering did was allow me to have a full size monitor, keyboard and hard dive so I can get some work done but now I'm up the creek for a whole month and at&t as you already know, don't do refunds.


If they thought hotspot and tethering are the same (which they are not) then why only put no hotspot usage on the plan?  Why not add no tethering usage as well?  Because no one would bother with that plan, that's why and they know it!!!


Enjoy the last 65 bucks you got from me.....  Crooks!!!!!  I will never do at&t again and as a programmer, web developer and graphics artist...  I have all the tools to discredit the company!!!  In fact, I could even exploit the company in my new game app...  Can you imagine a million downloads and people reading about how dirty and low life at&t as a company can be....


Man I thought Metro was bad but I was wrong.  Metro just has bad reps representing them at private locations and they try to cheat you.  At&t on the other hand is just a flat out crook!!!!!!!  Even the plans are bad!  Take the cheapest plan for example....  Metro's cheapest plan gives you internet.  At&t cheapest plan wants you to buy an add-on for internet.




I've already turned off my auto renew....So long crooks and I'll be doing everything in my power to further discredit the company until the day I die!!!!!!! 

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5 years ago

No matter how you personally define tethering, AT&T defines tethering as connecting the phone to another device to share your Internet with a USB cable. Mobile hotspot is your phone broadcasting a Wi-Fi signal for other devices to connect to wirelessly. Both involve sharing your data, and both are included on one plan not the other. It's even on the AT&T website:


Connecting your phone to another device like a TV or a mouse has nothing to do with your wireless plan, so I don't understand why you would think that's what tethering meant.

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5 years ago

Tethering and hotspot are the SAME thing.  🙄

hot spot is also a noun, as a physical device can be a dedicated device for the purpose of tethering/hotspot use.  

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5 years ago



Your a programmer and your using a prepaid plan?  Um last I checked you can write off postpaid service.  I do.

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