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Saturday, October 1st, 2022 7:00 AM

ZTE Velocity (MF923) no longer updating data

Hi, my ZTE Velocity is no longer updating the data amount although it is still allowing my devices to access the internet fairly well.  I took it to an ATT store where they reset it and now I can no longer give it a new name and a different password.  Is ATT considering this device obsolete now?  Why is the data no longer updating despite the fact it's listed as a device on my account?  And how can I get my network name and password fixed?  The "ATT Wife Manager" website no longer exists.  I prefer to use that often so it leaves my phone alone.  Help?

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1 year ago

We understand you have concerns regarding your AT&T Wireless Internet (AWI) device, @eventxc. We're here to help shed some light on things for you. 


Although there's been several changes made over the last couple of months, the ZTE Velocity (MF923) is still compatible with our network. To utilize the AT&T Wireless Internet web portal, you will need to access it from a device that is connected to the AT&T Wireless Internet network and use attadmin as the login.


To view data usage

  • From the Home screen of the AT&T Wireless Internet Manager website, click Data Usage then click Check Your Data Usage.

To change Wi-Fi network settings:

  • From the Home screen of the AT&T Wireless Internet Manager website, click the Edit link under the desired Wi-Fi network.
  • Edit the network settings as desired, then click Apply.

Learn how to manage your device with the AWI web portal. 


Please keep us updated on how this helps. We're here if you require additional assistance. 


Sydne, AT&T Community Specialist

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