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Tuesday, June 20th, 2023 7:58 PM

Incompatible app's on LG phone

Hello Everyone,
I'm hoping someone on the board can help me with a problem I'm having with my LG Phoenix 4 phone and incompatible apps.
I bought my first LG Phoenix 4 a few years ago and never had a problem with any apps I installed, they always installed and ran fine. Then, I had a problem with the phone itself, there was a problem with the port where the charging cable gets plugged in. I started noticing when I would plug the charging cable in, the little battery icon would appear to indicate it's plugged in but the lightning bolt within the battery indicating it's charging wouldn't always be there. If I moved the cable a little, the lightning bolt would appear. I had this same problem with several new cables too so I figured it was the port itself that had the problem. I was tempted to just live with it because for the most part, the phone charged fine or at least had enough charge but I was afraid one day it would just stop charging all together and I'd be stuck so I started shopping for a new phone.
I decided to go with the same thing, another LG Phoenix 4 because I'm disabled with limited dexterity. When I bought the first Phoenix 4, I bought a case for it and modified it by gluing a velcro strap to it making it much easier to hold so I bought another Phoenix 4 so I could use the same case Plus, besides the problem with the power cable port, I was happy with the phone.
When I got the new phone, I installed my old SIM card, the modified carrying case and started installing apps. First few apps installed fine but then when I went to install my Alexa app to control my Amazon echo Dot , I got an error that the app was incompatible with the device. I couldn't believe it, I went looking for another version of the Alexa app but could not find one. So I de cided to just live with it.
But then I started noticing it happening more often, it happened with the Amazon shopping app, instagram, LinkedIn and a couple of others I can't think of right now. Does anyone know why this is happening? Again, they're the same model phone. I'm assuming there could have been changes made to Android over the years since I bought my first Phoenix 4 phone but to have the apps completely incompatible?
Is there a workaround for this? The Android version listed on this phone is 7.1.2. I don't have the old phone handy but if that has a different version, is it possible to change this phone's version of Android to the same one that was on the old phone? Also, I noticed under the name of phone section in settings, instead of Phoenix 4 it's listed as Fortune 2. Any idea what's up with that? Says Phoenix 4 all over the box it came in.
The name is not important, it's the apps that I'm mainly concerned with and finding compatible versions for this phone. Especially the Amazon Alexa app as I just recently purchased a new Amazon Echo with clock as my old echo dot broke.
Many thanks in advance for any info you all can provide. Take care.
Dan G 

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6 months ago

Any older LG phone is going to start having this problem thanks to LG leaving the mobile phone market.

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6 months ago

This ⬆️

Time to replace it

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