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Saturday, April 15th, 2023 5:20 AM

How to obtain prepaid hotspot sim card online?

I have visited my local at&t store twice now trying to obtain a prepaid hotspot sim card.  Each time I have been told to go online to obtain the prepaid hotspot sim card.  How do I obtain a prepaid hotspot sim card online?  Particularly the 20Gb $25 per month (paid as $300 in advance)

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5 months ago

We're happy to help shed some light on how our mobile hotspot feature works @pagno842.


As long as your device is compatible (which it is) and you have a compatible data plan, then you should be able to utilize the personal hotspot on your phone. The plans that include this feature are: 

  • All AT&T unlimited plans: 
  • All AT&T Mobile Share® plans
  • AT&T PREPAIDSM monthly plans: $75, $65, $50, $45, $35, and multi-month plans.

Also, we have an online offer going on right now that allows you to skip the activation fee and get a free SIM card by bringing your own device to AT&T PREPAID.  


Thanks for reaching out to our AT&T Community! We're here if you have any additional questions.

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5 months ago

Prepaid data only plans must be purchased at an AT&T store. Click on the find a store link to find a participating store near you that can sell you the plan and set up a SIM card for your particular device.

You must have a compatible hotspot!

AT&T prepaid does not refund. So if your hotspot is not compatible with service you may be purchasing service and then have to replace the hotspot

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