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Tuesday, April 6th, 2021 10:25 PM

G3 phase out?

I read where 3G service is being phased out. My current ptrepaid account (flip phone) is 3G capable. When changing  to  a 4G or better phone.

1) Can I still keep the prepaid plan I am now on? I'm pretty sure that plan is no longer offered but I am grandfathered in since I've had the account for a number of years.

2)Would simply changing the SIM card make the newer phone operable on the same accounts that we each, separately, have...same phone numbers etc.?

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3 years ago

Yes, you can keep your current plan and yes, moving the SIM card from old phone to new phone is typically all you need to do unless the new phone takes a different size SIM card, in which case you will need a new SIM card. You just have to have it activated with your number.

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