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Friday, September 16th, 2022 6:27 AM

Upgraded 2 phones and ATT stole the turned in phones!


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Upgraded 2 phones and ATT stole the turned in phones!




OK this is what happened. Beginning of November 2020, when the iPhone 12 first came out, my husband and I both upgraded our iPhone Xs for the 12s. At the time there was the upgrade option for $1000 back when turning in your iPhone X.   This was right as Covid was hitting. Well, they said we would get our return box within a month to ship our phones back.

About 45 days later still no package I contacted AT&T.  They said because of Covid pandemic that’s probably taking longer to get to us and to wait. I tried to return the phones to my local AT&T store and was denied because it had to go through proper channels. I waited a little longer and contacted them again so they sent out a second package January 20, 2021. Over the next few months, the world stopped, and call centers/businesses were shut down. Yes even AT&T. So by the time I got a hold of somebody and they had sent out a third one, that also had never arrived. I tried contacting AT&T, called customer support, but they were never open during hours. I was able to call, (worked graveyard hours for essential employees).

finally was able to get a hold of somebody and they sent out an email to have the phones returned. I received the email October 1, 2021. It was packaged up and shipped out and AT&T received the phones November 11, 2021. I have tried contacting them since, and they stated that they hadn’t received them in their system and to wait another month.

AT&T call centers were still closed later in the afternoons so I was unable to get a hold of anybody. I finally got a hold of somebody and they escalated it up to management. Management finally got back to me and stated that they can only give me $130 credit for trade-in value, per phone. That because my phones didn’t make it to them within the first 30 days, they weren’t required to credit me $1000 per phone as promised. 

So where it sits, AT&T, not only has charged me in full for the iPhone 12 upgrades on both lines, (of which I had to pay monthly to avoid cancellation), but they have also kept my iPhone X’s that I returned. Refusing to acknowledge, they even had them until management looked into it. They didn’t give me a credit when they received the phones, I had to call and complain almost a year later.  Every time I called asking them about the phones, they said that they couldn’t find them. I gave them the tracking number and the RMA# and they always said “one more month, it should show on your bill”.

So here I am, a long time, AT&T loyal customer of over 20 years. I have seven lines on my phone plan, plus TV and Internet. Here they’re trying to steal my hard-earned money and offer me peanuts. The manager even suggested I shouldn’t have paid my bill.  Honestly I think it’s time I consult with a lawyer and fight this.

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1 year ago

your limited to binding arbitration or small claims neither of which allow a lawyer 

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1 year ago

Hello, @mr2quik. Thank you for making us aware of this situation. At this time, we would like to continue this conversation with you in private. Please click the message icon in the upper right corner and reply. 


In the meantime, please have your account information handy, we will be sending you a link to log into your account, so we can speak with you regarding this matter. 


We look forward to speaking with you.


TT, AT&T Community Specialist

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