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Thursday, August 17th, 2023 6:34 AM

Upgrade Order Issues

My husband and I ordered/upgraded our phones for new ones. I had an upgrade available and planned to trade my old iphone in for the iphone 14 pro max. My husbands phone was old and cheap, had $10 to pay off at the time, so he just ordered one that didn't require a trade in on an installment plan(Google Pixel 7). 

The account/billing is under my husband's name, but I do have my own MyATT account since I am an authorized user. He ordered his on his phone under his account/username and I ordered my under my att account/login info. When it came time to upload ID for verification, I submitted his ID since he is the account holder. It did ask me if I wanted a confirmation sent to my phone via text as well as sending one to my husbands email. I clicked yes for both(text to my phone number and email my husband). Our orders still say issue with order, complete ID verification but it won't let me submit a new ID, says it's already been submitted. Is this normal? Anything i need to do? Should I call tomorrow? Please help. :/ 

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4 months ago

Hi @brittish, We're happy to help you in completing the ID verification.


We do understand how important it is to make sure your order is being processed. When an ID verification is requested, you have 24 hours to upload your ID or your order might get cancelled in 14 days.


If you successfully added your ID on time, no need to worry as your order will be processed as normal. You may check your order status to get an update on your order. 


If you still have any concerns about your order, we will initiate a DM please meet us there to take a closer look at your order status.


Dominic, AT&T Community Specialist


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