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Friday, September 15th, 2023 4:16 PM

Trade in to ATT, Bought from Apple

Hey, so I just bought the new iPhone 15 from Apple with the ATT monthly installment plans option. I’ve already finished paying off my iPhone 11 Pro Max with ATT and was looking to replace it with the new phone. Am I still able to trade it in to ATT for the bill credits and if so, can I just take it in to any ATT store or will it need to be shipped? How will ATT know that I want the bill credits for this device and not just their trade in value? 

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3 months ago

As long as you purchase the new phone with AT&T installments, yes you should be able to trade in with AT&T.

It is recommended that you find a corporate store that will take your old phone in trade rather than mailing your phone if at all possible.

iPhone 11 is worth $830 in trade-in credits over 36 months


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