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Friday, June 2nd, 2023 1:11 AM

Returned mobile for next up plan not fully functional

I have upgraded from Pixel 6 to S23 using next up program. Sent my old mobile with USPS. After few days, got an email saying the mobile is received but the device not fully functional. There was no specific reason mentioned only generic reasons that it might be one of battery not present, scratches and so on.

I have sent my mobile in good condition. In the email, it is also mentioned that the assessed value of my mobile is $23 and I have to pay remaining $446. They haven't provided any shipping material, so I used one of Amazon's parcel cover. Trying to reach customer care and they keep forwarding to trade in department and back to customer care back and forth.

What should I do now? It will be definitely worth more than $23 if I just pay it off and resell.

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4 months ago

It sounds like you did an early upgrade at 18 months or 50% paid off.

When you upgrade early your phone must be in pristine condition inside and out, fully functional or it is not accepted as an early upgrade with return to AT&T. 

Since you have already upgraded to a new phone, you would have to pay off the remainder of the Pixel 6. 

I don't believe AT&T will return the Pixel 6 to you. But that's not the call of the customer populated community, you'd have to talk to AT&T

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