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Monday, October 10th, 2022 3:26 PM

Overcharges and dishonesty

I have posted this to BBB, I will be posting it to all other review sites as well. 

In September, my spouse and myself went to AT&T for Apple Watches. While we were in the store, I EXPLICITLY asked the sales agent AND store manager what fees would be associated with adding the watches on. I was informed that the only changes to my bill would be $10 for each watch line, and $10/mo. for one of the watches (we participated in the buy one/give one sale), totaling in an additional $30/mo. This SHOULD HAVE taken my bill from $215 to $245. My spouse also had his number changed, and I once again asked if there would be any fees associated with changing his number. The STORE MANAGER assured me there was no fee for number change. A week or two later I check my bill on AT&T and it went up to $515!! THAT IS AN INCREASE OF THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS, NOT THIRTY!!! I immediately called AT&T, explained my situation, and filed a dispute. As of today, October 10, there has been NO ADJUSTMENT to my account. So, I called AT&T once again to figure out the problem. After over an hour on the phone, turns out that my request was DENIED?! Why was I denied? Because a few months ago, I requested cancellation of phone insurance. I had paid $300 in premiums, which were RIGHTFULLY returned to me since the policies had not been used. Since they issued a $300 refund for the unused premiums (which happens in every instance of insurance cancellation, I sell Insurance for a living, so I am extremely familiar with that process), they denied the new disputed charges on my account I have spent HOURS on the phone trying to speak with managers, and NO ONE is helping me. They continue to transfer me from office to office, each person saying, "oh well, nothing I can do." No, there is something AT&T can do. They can STOP SCAMMING customers. I was EXPLICITLY told in the store my bill would ONLY INCREASE $30.
The dishonesty within this business is DISTURBING. I already informed the agents at AT&T that there are TWO options: 1) this situation is rectified, or 2) I will change service providers

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