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Thursday, July 28th, 2022 2:01 PM

No consistency in AT&T policies (website versus support staff vs local stores) regarding equipment exchanges

I have experienced so many problems with AT&T and I continue to receive inconsistent responses.   I ordered an upgrade to an iphone   (via online video chat). The AT&T rep. ordered the incorrect memory and as soon as I saw the receipt come over my email, I called them back.   They told me they could not cancel the order once it had been placed and I had to wait for the new phone to arrive and then take it to any AT&T store.   The local store told me I had to take it to a "corporate AT&T store" for an exchange.   An online rep told me the same.   However, after driving to a corporate store, they informed me that I had to call AT&T and get a return label and sent it back via mail.  The AT&T website says, "take it to any store".   I proceeded to request a label and then took it to the USPS (per the instructions) and also got a tracking number (as instructed by the AT&T rep).   USPS tracked the package for a total of one day until it was delivered to a "Return Agent".   No further tracking from the USPS can occur and I have no idea on how to track it to know if or when it will be received by AT&T for restocking.   So, I'm stuck with my outdated phone, prepaid taxes on an upgrade, and I'm guessing I'm going to be paying for a new phone that I do not have, never activated, and never unsealed the box.   What do you do?

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1 year ago

We can understand your frustration @Vman1, about the device exchange, so let's meet in a Direct Message to dive a little deeper into your account. Please locate the chat icon next to the bell icon for a private message notification.


In the meantime, please gather the following:

  • Prior tracking information 
  • Dates of package drop off
  • Date order was placed

We apologize for the inconvenience and are here to assist. Thank you for reaching out to the AT&T Community Forums.


Ashley, AT&T Community Specialist 

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