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Tuesday, August 9th, 2022 6:58 PM

Love the service but the support is making me consider other options

I lost my phone in the river so I need a new one. I ordered a phone got the one I wanted ordered s22 ultra 256GB paid $87 for the tax. I logged into check order status and it said I needed to upload my ID to verify I made the order except I did not have such an email. I contacted support they then assured me that the order was in process and no further action was needed. Later than evening my order gets canceled so I hit up chat support to see what the heck I give them the chance to order me a phone they now tell me I need to pay $140 which threw me off since the first time I paid $87.00 so i'm frustrated and ready to give up but they escalate me to the supervisor he didn't seem to really care and had a "it is what it is" attitude and told me to contact the loyalty department I do and give them a chance to order the phone for me they order the s22 and acted like it was my fault why would I be trying to order the s22 ultra 256GB and they order that one? Anyway I told them to just cancel it and if I wanted the S22 Ultra I would have to go through the process of paying the tax being refunded for the previous etc. So at this point I am going to switch providers and it has made me reconsider the use of ATT in the enterprise space in my field of work as well as my DirectTv. I am curious with other peoples experience in this situation? Did I just have bad luck was I the problem? or is this the universal ATT experience?   

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