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Sunday, August 13th, 2023 8:04 PM

Lost Trade in Device

A few months ago I upgraded my wife's phone and my phone. She traded in a Note 10+ and I traded in a S21+. She received a S23 and I received a S23+. I used the return sleeves and return labels that were in the boxes and dropped off the packages off at UPS. Due to life and worth, I forgot to check on this and misplaced the drop off receipt. Now looking at my bill we are being charged upgrade fees for both phones. I have called AT&T and they were able to provide the tracking numbers, but since its been so long UPS is unable to actually tell us anything. AT&T is telling me that unless I can provide proof that they were delivered, that there is nothing they can do. Any help would be appreciated.

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4 months ago

If you mean you are being charged installments, you would always be charged installments. That's how all he's promotions work. If your phone's made it to Hyla mobile which is now assurant mobile, you would receive bill credits against your installments.

Check the bill again to see if you are indeed receiving promotional credits

Unfortunately without proof that you mailed your phone, and it being several months later, there's no way to verify your trade in. It's really important to keep those counter receipts from the post office. I recommend people take a picture of the shipping label and of the counter receipt so that it can't possibly get lost

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