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Saturday, August 19th, 2023 4:12 PM

Chat Session representative was absolutely terrible

On 8/18/23 I started a chat seession for assistance is removing a line from my AT&T wireless contract. I was connected to 'Daizy' and I explained that there was no user, no phone and the line was not necessary. The Chat representative, Daizy, did everything possible to frustrate my request. Twice I pointed this out and asked to be connected to their supervisor. Each time my request was ignored.
Daizy kept recommending that 'maybe another family member or relative could use the line....or I could use it with a watch, an ipad or a laptop.....When I said "No", Daizy offered a $50 credit so I would keep the line (??) ........and then told me that if I deleted that single line my monthly bill would actually exceed my current monthly bill WITH the line.  
While Daizy was typing up that explanation, I called AT&T customer support @ 800.288.2020 and was able to have the line deleted in under 3 minutes.

Daizy was absolutely horrendous. I was a breath away from cancelling my cell phone service completely. 

Fortunately I don't contact AT&T very often, but this experience left me wondering if this behavior is taught to their employees.

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4 months ago

The only way to cancel a line is by calling. You cannot cancel service via chat. 

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