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Friday, September 8th, 2023 3:02 AM

AT&T Lost Store trade

My fiancé & I purchased iPhone 14s on April 24th, 2023. We were trading in our iPhone 12s for a trade in value of $700. We also were switching from Verizon to AT&T. Our iPhone 14s were ordered & came in on April 27th, 2023. We went into the store and two employees helped transfer our numbers & information to the new phones. Each worker (whose names we have) reset our phone and took them to the back of the store. I starting receiving the credit for my trade in on our monthly bills, but my fiancé had not. They informed us to wait 3 months for the trade in to kick in. July comes around & we still had not received his trade in promo. We physically went to the store, to which the worker that helped us was there & confirmed that we both traded in our phones and would “investigate” with the manager. A week later & we hadn’t heard back so we went back to the store to speak to the manager himself. He stated that we did trade in our phones but he was unsure if my fiancés phone wasn’t “scanned in” properly, lost in store or mislabeled but that they could not find his phone in the system. He informed us that he will be looking into the situation as he was there & witnessed us trade in the phones, but he himself needed to speak with a higher up. We have been calling weekly for an updated with the same answer. “We are investing your case which takes time, but we will make sure you are credited the $700.”

It’s now September 7th. We called today doing our weekly check-in & there is a new manager. In fact ALL employees that were working at our location are no longer employed at AT&T. This new manager has NO information about our case & was never told anything. It screams fraudulent activity. We have been calling & physically going into our store now for 6 months with no resolution. Any advice as to how to proceed? Is there any way to take legal action or get the video surveillance from the day we traded in our phones? 

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10 months ago

Sounds like you did business with an Authorized Retail Store and not an AT&T Corporate Store. Mistakes like this are unfortunately common. The Retail Stores are not owned or operated by AT&T nor do they have AT&T employees. They just sell AT&T goods and services and then pass the information on to AT&T who has no idea of what was said and/or promised to the customer. And AT&T has very little to no control over how they conduct business. Both stores look exactly the same.

What you can try is file a complaint with the BBB. That will go straight to Corporate and someone from the Office of the President will contact you. They may be able to help. Just have all of your documentation and paperwork in order when they call. No guarantees but that's as high as you can go in AT&T. As far as any legal action, you are bound to binding arbitration or Small Claims Court when you signed up with AT&T. Read your TOS.

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10 months ago

When you trade in in store they give you a receipt with a full description of the phone traded in, as proof that you traded in a phone. You did not mention it, do you have it?

If you have it better business bureau complaint is likely to be fruitful. Without it, not so much.

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