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Saturday, September 10th, 2022 1:11 AM

Account Error trying to upgrade

I have 4 phones on my account and one of the phones shows it's an iPhone 7 Plus but it's supposed to show that I have an iPhone 11 Pro Max instead. Is there some way to fix this? Customer support is taking too long and I'm trying to upgrade to a 14 Pro Max.

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1 year ago

Hey @Lyons_Litter, we understand the important of having the correct device be reflected. 


The device that's shown in your account overview is based on the IMEI if the phone that is currently being used on that line. If the SIM card for the iPhone 11 Pro Max was inserted into an old iPhone7, then the latter phone will be considered the active device on your line.


If you didn't swap the SIM cards, then try checking IMEI of your iPhone to compare with the listed device's IMEI. This will help narrow down if there is a mismatched, or something else going on.You can check the IMEI by dialing *#06# on your device, or going to Settings then General or About.

Please let us know if this helps.

Dylan, AT&T Community Specialist

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