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Thursday, February 25th, 2021 9:13 PM

Service on Long Island/NY

Why is the service on Long Island so terrible?

It's getting worse, every day, yet you look at the coverage map on the ATT site and it shows full coverage, lol

I just don't understand why some of my colleagues who have Verizon, T-Mobile and everyone else has service every day and ATT's is getting worse.  At what point will this be corrected?  I can get text messages, just text, no images, and phone calls are hit or miss.  Forget about trying to use the internet or any apps.

After speaking with several people at ATT, it was suggested that I look into getting an antenna put on the building I work in.  That's the solution?  

Sounds to me they just would rather not address the problem which is fine, but I will be taking my business elsewhere.  Oh, and yes, I have been an ATT customer for well over 10 years.  Oh well....

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3 years ago

Hello @Jj8279


We understand the importance of staying connected to the cellular network no matter where you are. Allow us to take a look into this!


While currently reviewing the Long Island/NY area, all network towers are fully operational with no reports of service disturbances or interruptions as of today 2/26/2021. 


It's recommended to have your device/cellphone updated with the latest software, including connecting to Available Wifi just in case you're experiencing low signals while at home, at work, or in a public setting. 


If you're unable to receive phone calls or access any multimedia messages/texts from your cellphone, you can use our Device Troubleshoot & Resolve Tool by selecting the device you have, then go to Fix an Issue >  Services or Device Issues and then click onto the troubleshoot for additional steps. 


We hope this helps, and reach back to us if you have any other questions.


Dwight, AT&T Community Specialist 

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