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Thursday, August 19th, 2021 8:01 PM


IMEI Flagging LOST/STOLEN Incorrectly In AT&T's Database

So, I have something of a unique issue and I can't get in touch with someone at AT&T that can assist me.

I recently opened a line and wanted to bring an iPhone X that I had purchased from Verizon onto the line. The phone is unlocked, fully paid off, with 0 dollar balance on the Verizon account. When I attempted to bring over the phone, AT&T is flagging it as LOST/STOLEN. So I contacted Verizon, they cannot see it on their blocklist. I call AT&T trying to get resolution, they say only Verizon can take it of. I have never reported the phone as lost/stolen to Verizon. It's never been lost/stolen. Ever. 

And round and round we go for about a month.

I wasn't sure about what was happening, until I decided to do the legwork for both companies. The IMEI of the phone comes back clean on Verizon, T-Mobile, US Cellular, and every other carrier EXCEPT AT&T. All carriers use a third party database for blocked/blacklisted phones called the GSMa. Now, I was able to get a read only view on the master list of this database, and lo and behold, the IMEI was flagged as lost/stolen on 8/6/2019 4:07PM by VERIZON WIRELESS. However, on 8/6/2019 5:19PM the device was removed from the list and flagged FOUND by VERIZON WIRELESS. Someone fat fingered the IMEI numbers, it tagged my device by accident and they removed it an hour later. That's why all the other carriers are showing as clean. But AT&T is using a bad LOST/STOLEN list from GSMa as they don't see it being flagged as found. On every other carrier the IMEI is clean, BUT AT&T's. So whatever the issue is with their blacklist, it's on AT&T. It's not on Verizon. This isn't a Verizon issue or a GSMa issue. It's an AT&T issue and the blacklist they're using.

I contacted AT&T with my findings yesterday, spoke to three different reps, spent 2 hours on the phone, and had a case escalated. Today, I get a text message back saying my phone can't be unlocked. I'm not trying to get the phone unlocked. It's unlocked. I'm not trying to get it off the LOST/STOLEN list, because it's not on there. I'm trying to get AT&T to refresh/fix the issues with the GSMa database iteration they're using so it doesn't flag INCORRECTLY for AT&T or have an override for the IMEI to be allowed on their network permanently. But no one seems to be able to understand or even listen to what happened, how it happened, how I know, or how we can fix it.

I've been dealing with this for over a month now and I've had an account with AT&T well over 15 years. I've never missed a payment, I've never been behind. All I want is for AT&T to refresh their blacklist database or have someone with access to the actual list to search the IMEI so they can see for themselves that the device was flagged as LOST/STOLEN erroneously and then flagged as FOUND an hour later to confirm it and add an override to the IMEI or even flash another IMEI number. I can't even trade the phone in as credit for something new because it's being flagged INCORRECTLY in AT&T's lists as being lost.

I need this to be resolved. I need to get in touch with someone who has access to AT&T's GSMa list. Not just the tool they use to check it, but the actual list they can look at and search. it exists. It's there. I myself have seen where it got flagged LOST/STOLEN and flagged FOUND an hour later.

This is getting out of hand and the amount of hours I've spent on the phone dealing with both companies is pushing easy 30 hours and a month. I'd like to use my phone that I purchased, that has never belonged to anyone else, on this network. Like I should be able to. 

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. 

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3 years ago

Hello @mshack1,


Thank you for reaching out to us.


We recommend contacting your previous wireless carrier again for further assistance with your inquiry.


Hope this helps!

Sean, AT&T Community Specialist

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1 year ago

The last comment from AT&T help - just looks like a Joke !

this is insane =(((

ACE - Sage


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1 year ago


Agreed.  A year old, and classic didn't even read the post.  😮‍💨

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