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Friday, February 27th, 2015 9:51 PM

How To Activate Your BlackBerry

Congratulations on your new BlackBerry device! Activating service and setting up your new phone is really easy, and it will be ready to use in no time! First, we’ll get your new SIM card up and running on your line, and then we’ll go through the initial device setup. This will deal with BlackBerry OS 10. Other OS versions may feature a different setup experience.


  1. Activate Service
    • Head to com/activations and choose the activation type that best suits. You will then be asked to enter validation information for your order. Submit to begin activation.


  1. Allow five minutes
    • If the device is already powered on, please power off. With the device off, allow five minutes for service activation to complete. 
    • Note: This is the step most people miss Smiley Happy


  1. Language
    • Tap ‘All Languages’ to choose your language and select. Once selected, swipe left to continue.


  1. Agreement
    • You will be asked to review the BlackBerry agreement, and when ready, choose the I AGREE option.


  1. Connection Options
    • The device will scan for in-range WiFi networks. Tap and choose your WiFi network, and enter your password to connect.


  1. Blackberry ID
    • Now we can either sign in to an existing BlackBerry ID, or create a new one. This will be used for BlackBerry Messenger, Blackberry World, and much more, so it’s definitely worth setting up.


  1. Diagnostics
    • We will be asked if we want to send diagnostics information to BlackBerry. This information is used to improve their products and services.


  1. Update
    • If a software update is available, you will now be asked if you wish to update. This is always recommended, however you can swipe left to skip if you wish.


  1. Tutorial
    • You will be shown some ‘essential gestures’ which will help explain how to use and navigate your device.


  1. Enjoy
    • You should now see your new homescreen. Your phone is ready to use!

Now that your device is activated and fully configured, go ahead and test your calling and other services! Enjoy your new BlackBerry device and thanks for being the best part of AT&T.


Enjoy your device!



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