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Thursday, July 9th, 2020 5:40 AM

Constant TESTS of AT&T Wireless Emergency Alerting System (not actual alerts) via text

Hi, I am having a problem getting WEA test texts on my Galaxy S6 phone.  It constantly gets test messages from AT&T not just the intended alerts.  The general public should not be getting the test messages just the alerts.  Lately the text is always something to the effect of "This is a TEST of the AT&T Wireless Emergency Alerting System.  Please ignore the message  We are testing the new WEA 3.0 360 chars this is a TEST...Test: 0000CC47-15548E9."   Earlier in the year the texts did not mention WEA 3.0.  Sometimes there are 8 tests per day!  They usually come in pairs of English and Spanish.  They come at all hours of the day including middle of the night!  They sometimes come so frequently I have to shut the phone off since the tests come one after another and are just as loud and intrusive as the alerts.  Please help me address the question of why I am getting WEA test messages in addition to alerts.  There is no way to opt out of test messages since I should not be receiving them in the first place.  

I do understand that local emergency agencies may be sending out these tests not AT&T.  I am using Cricket as a provider but they use AT&T network and Cricket cannot help since these are AT&T texts.  If it is not AT&T there is no clue as to which agency is sending them.  It would be helpful to know how to figure out which agencies are using WEA and are sending out tests and then maybe I can get my phone number removed from the test list.  Can AT&T figure out why I would get WEA tests or at least trace the sender of these tests?

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