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Thursday, February 23rd, 2023 12:18 AM


cell boosters & hot spots

If I purchase a cell booster, will that help me connect to an att tower to allow the ability to connect my cell phone to a hot spot?

There is an att tower in my area (zip code 63631) but my location is in an area that I can not connect to the tower... so if I purchase a cell booster, will that make it to be able to connect my cell phone hot spot (to make work)?

I have questions regarding how to get my hot spot on my cell phone to work (at home)...... will the cell booster allow me to connect to the tower in my area so these options will work for me?

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3 months ago

See my Cell Booster Technical Guide, the link is in my sig line for a good primer on what cellular boosters can and can not do. It is the second link. Some are fixed to your roofline and some are mobile for use in your car.

If you want to improve you in-home cellular coverage, then AT&T offers the Cell Booster, which is not a cellular booster but a femtocell. As mentioned by @formerlyknownas , the name is a misnomer and is a marketing term, not a technical term. It actually broadcasts an LTE signal in your home that your phone connects to and then uses your land-based internet connection (DSL, cable, or fiber) to reach the AT&T Mobility Servers. See my AT&T Cell Booster Guide, link is also in my sig line for all you need to know about AT&T's Cell Booster (femtocell). 

What is preferred for improving in-home coverage is to use WiFi-C (WiFI Calling). 

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3 months ago

So triple down on the exact same question? 


Maybe.  A booster can only amplify an existing signal. It cannot create a signal. A cellular booster requires only electricity and to antennas and exterior antenna placed high enough to pull in a signal and an interior antenna to emit the signal to local devices, like a tablet, phone, or dedicated hotspot device. 

A real booster from Weboost is an expensive purchase. 

The thing att sells is NOT a booster. It's a MicroCell and requires wired home internet to function.  The name confuses some people but it's specifically says in its information that it requires high speed broadband home internet service in order to function

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2 months ago

Yeah we're just going to close this one. The original poster came back and made a Spam post and it's continuing to collect spam posts. 

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